Fruit Infuser Water Pitchers – Taste, Not Toxins

Fruit infuser water pitchers provide users with the ability to cut out sugar, additives and toxins found in many pre-packaged beverages on the market today. Having healthy, non-toxic beverage alternatives available is an important component of any successful health and wellness regimen. Eliminating caffeine, fake sweeteners, and artificial coloring and replacing them with vitamins, minerals and all-natural flavoring is easy with an infuser.

Fruit-infused water or tea provides great taste, in a natural way. There are numerous infuser pitchers on the market today, so finding an affordable, stylish version is as easy as searching online. There are different sizes and styles available, mainly dependent on the preferred use. From large pitchers to water-bottle sized infusers for a more portable option, costs vary based on the model and style. Most of the pitchers work similarly: the pitcher comes with an infuser that is filled with any variety of fruit and/or herbs. Once the fruit has been placed in the infuser, water is added to the pitcher. Most of the pitchers allow for the use of fresh or frozen fruit, so healthy, fruity water is an option year-round. The fruit infuses the water the longer it sits, giving the beverage a fruity flavor.

With a fruit infuser pitcher, the combination of possible beverage combinations is endless. Almost any fruit will work in the infuser. In addition, herbs or vegetables can be added for a less fruity taste. The longer the fruit infuses the water, the more distinct and flavorful the water will be. Basic infusions can start with lemon or lime, which are common flavor-enhancers for water. More creative combinations include herbs like mint, basil, or cilantro. Whatever the combination, fruits, herbs and vegetables make for a healthier beverage than diet sodas and powdered formulas.

The health benefits of replacing processed, additive-laced, or sugary beverages with water are obvious and have been well-documented. Drinking more water can help with weight loss and can assist the body in ridding itself of toxins. Additionally, increasing water intake helps hydrate skin and muscles.

During the cold and flu season, infusing water with fruits high in Vitamin C (lemons, limes, oranges, grapefruits) can help boost the body’s immune system. Some infused water combinations even help with digestion and heartburn. For example, a mix of cucumber, lime and lemon can ease an upset stomach and help with digestion.

Fruit infuser water pitchers provide a useful and cost-effective alternative to drinking plain water while providing health benefits that come with adding real, all-natural fruits and herbs to water.